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12:22am 16/04/2008
mood: cheerful
I bet you guys all thought I was lying, huh? I wasn't actually going to post anything. WELL I SHOWED YOU!!! I SHOWED YOU AAAAALLL!!!! lol,'s midnight-thirty and I has an interview tomorrow so I'mma post all the requests that came up during my two-year hiatus.

I'm making it sound much bigger than it is XD but srsly it's like less than 10 things. How awesome! Anyways, hope you all enjoy! I'm too lazy to write reviews on these (since they're requested) so I shall just post!!!

Janne da Arc - Gekkouka
So this here is a PV of Janne da Arc. Some one requested this literally over two years ago...hope they still want it XDDD

Pierrot - kowareteiku konosekaide
Just what the title says people. This one is an mp3 file <3

porno graffitti - go steady go
one of my favorite bands =D Mp3 again, do eet, download it.

orange range - locomotion
XD this song is so funny XD another mp3

hyde - shallow sleep (english vers.)
good singer, good song, good download, mp3 =D

l'arc~en~ciel - ready steady go

this one is a PV, song's cute....PV's kinda boring tho

l'arc~en~ciel - Spirt Dreams Inside
another PV of teh l'arc en teh ciel XD

dir en grey - ash
some one asked for a PV of Dir en grey in WMV format,'s one =D

Tackey & Tsubasa - Serenade ~karaoke~
like the title says, it's a karaoke version of Serenade. Tis an mp3

T.M. Revolution - Madan ~der freischutz~
I love this man and this PV, download it. Yeah, PV...

Dir en grey - kyo faint live in Hiroshima
some one requested watching Kyo faint. Here ya go

Dir en grey - kaoru and shinya
Same person wanted to see Kaoru and here ya go.

That's it lovelies!! Don't forget to visit RRFS to see the list of music that I have. My list -may- have grown since then, so feel free to ask if I have something even if it's not listed <3
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Jesus christ...   
03:45pm 15/04/2008
mood: awake
It's been a long time since I've been here....believe it or not I never forgot about this place...I just didn't have time and my JRock (believe it or not) was taken from me, but I have it all back now ^^

So guess what? Once I remember how to use this thing, I'm posting music again...there have been several requests, and I'm out to fulfill those desires! Starting today (hopefully) if this is to be so I shall have the requests up by the end of the day...hope you're all excited !!! XD
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Goodness >.>   
03:53pm 24/10/2006
mood: I am le tired
my, my, my it has been quite awhile since I've visited my dear old LJ. If you think I'm dead or my rotation is dead then you are most mistaken my friends. I am, unfortunatly employed and going to college so I have had little time to post to my lovey JRock rotation. However, once the semester is over I'm going to once again take up arms and start the rotation once again. That's right my little lovelies Akira will return, it's a promise, you'll just have to wait a little longer I'm afraid.

To all those who have added me as friends, thank you dearly. Having friends is the world to me and so to me you are the world. Forgive me for not adding you to my friends list sooner, but I am all updated now. I hope to see you all in the future!


was that a dramatic entry or what? XDDDD
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10:26am 07/02/2006
mood: omg stress!!
I'm not dead everyone!! I'm alive but the internet is still down!! I can't get on to update! My internet will be returned to me very soon, though! I have all the requests that people have asked for before, and after my hiatus, so expect to see those when I pop back up on the net!! I'm SOOOOO sorry I've been gone for so long!!

*~Akira the wandering Samurai~*
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03:07pm 30/10/2005
  I'm sorry everyone...I am going to be on a temporary hiatus for a few months. I'm afraid that my family is in a bit of a crisis and I will not be able to access the internet in that time. I will return and continue my rotation when all is blown over. Again, forgive me and please bear with me...  
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01:45pm 22/10/2005
  sorry guys!!! This week has been SOOOOOOOOO busy and I hadn't really had much I'm sorry for missing the date (yet again) but I swear it'll be up by Sunday if not sooner. Again, I'm REALLY sorry for the dely...
Please forgive me m(_ _)m <---stolen from Tama-wifie
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I've really lost count...... v___v   
09:45am 12/10/2005
mood: owie

There stands me wife O__o the Idol of me life! Singin' "Roll a bowl a ball a penny a pinch!!!"

If you can tell me what song the above is from you get a free request...XDDDD So…I’ve been gone for awhile, and I really don’t have an excuse for it. I’ve been really depressed this past week, so much so that not even JRock could cure it so I stayed away from the computer, distanced myself from everyone and kind of wallowed in my misery. Then I thought to myself “what the Hell…why the HECK am I doing this? I’ve got people that are counting on me to bring them JRock…I can’t let them down can I?” So here I am…forced out of depression by the will of JRock pleasure. XDDDD Then I hurt my ankle...yeah it's the size of my head...inflimation rocks!!! So I'm on crutches now...^^; Yeah…so I noticed that a lot of people miss my rotations…and that is all my fault. I’m really sorry…I should update on a more set schedule. Yeah…so a lot of these are RE-UP’s but I put in a few new ones…yeah…so don’t forget to visit Red Rain Falls Softly (which I also have to update) to find your lists for teh requesting.

Pierrot – Clown’s Mutter {Requested by: Kairi}(RE-UP)


Wow is this song hardcore in the beginning…no warning or anything just *WHAM!!!!!!* Kirito seems rather ticked off in this song…like…more than he usually is, his screaming and voice just seems to be mocking everything. Maybe Kirito doesn’t like Clowns?...Yeah…that’s it, Kirito is afraid of clowns…XD Actually…this song is pretty sad, I think Kirito is supposed to be the “clown” in this song talking about how he’s tired of everyone laughing at him and tired of his life as a “laughing-stock”. >.> Their lyrics are always so depressing >.<



Pierrot - -Ten to ji- to -0 -1 – to {Requested by: Kairi}(RE-UP)


The Bass in this song right in the beginning o.o it just kinda sets the mood for the song. Yus…they got this little Mexican sounding guitar and I like it…it just kind of floats around Kirito’s voice…it’s awesome…This song…is also really sad…it’s like a war between Heaven and Earth…thus the title “Heaven and Earth – 0 to 1” Looks like Earth is winning so far. >.> Kirito makes it seem like he’s fighting against God and he can’t be with the one he loves but can’t tell her why…yeah…it’s a good mellow song with a powerful feeling…I’d recommend it. ^^


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Hold Me Tight {requested by Chibi}


“Hold me tight! Hold me tight! Hold me tight I miss your rove!!” XDDDDD Oh my god, I love this song, it’s just way too adorable. AKFG vocals and music is just so distinctive, you can’t mistake them for any one else, there’s no one like them. That’s what I really love about this band, they’re really unique. Anyways, this song is kind of a medium tempo, and of course, it’s a love song, happy happy love song!!! You must download it because…it’s a HAPPY HAPPY LOVE SONG!!!!! ROVE I TELL YOU!!!!! ROVE!!!


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - I'm Standing Here {requested by Chibi}


I’ve heard it said that this is the most horrible AKFG song ever, and I kind of have to agree, the vocalist seems like he has no idea what he’s doing as in pitch n’ stuff. I’m not trying to dissuade you from downloading this song, just saying that I don’t enjoy it that much, m’yeah. Over all it’s got a fun tempo and a good beat and sound. There’s just something about it that I don’t like >.> anyways, enjoy, yo…


Antique Café – Duck no Magical Adventure


Um…omfg? XDDDDDD This song is just way too funny. I mean it’s freaking Donald Duck!!!!! Singing!!!!! It’s awesome…why is Antique Café so random? I <3 them very much. Yus…despite the duck singing this song is actually really, really good. I love the beat and the melody. Did I mention the song was random? Yus!!! Cell-phone rings, people talking, ducks singing, PEOPLE BEING POSSESSED BY DUCKS!!!! Yes…download it, now…-quack-


(CLIP) Miyavi – Comment 14-09-05 (RE-UP by popular demand)


XDDDDDDDDDD Why? WHY?! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO ADORABLE?! XDDDD I laughed so much in this clip…Miyavi wishes to tell people about his new single…but he also like: doing flips on his couch, whispering to himself, forcing people to clap with him and then sporadically running over to the piano to play a few notes before doing it all over again. XDDD Yus…just a cute little clip I wanted to put up…cause it’s cute…XD


Pop File - Malice Mizer - a look into their homes! (RE-UP by over popular death demand)


Pretty much like the title suggests it’s a show called “Pop File” and they are interviewing Malice Mizer (with Gackt) and what’s REALLY funny is that Mana doesn’t say a word throughout this…he just holds up signs that say “Yes” or “No” XDDDD Anyways, it’s a fun little peak into the homes of the boys that ya love. ^__^ Enjoy! Oh yeah…one more thing…if you don’t understand Japanese you most likely won’t enjoy this too much unless ya just like watchin’ Malice Mizer talk…cause there’s no subtitles. M’yeah, ok enjoy! ^__^


YUNNA - Houki Boshi


Yes, yes, shoot me if you will for putting something as disgraceful as JPop on this web-site but it was the ending to Bleach once so I had to put it up. It actually is a really good song, nothing compaired to JRock, but a good song I must admit. I love the message that it gives, the title means “comet” she’s singing about missing the one she loves and how one night she looked up at the night sky and saw a comet, and even though it was only there for a moment, she thought of her love and thought “If I could become a comet, I could leap across the skies to you.” But I think that my favorite line is when she’s talking about the rain. Yunna says that she hates the rain, but remembers that once her lover told her “The night sky, after a rain, makes the stars shine all the more beautiful” and that taking that to heart she has come to like the rain, too. ^__^ I’m a sap, I know but I do like this song, and its meaning, please take into consideration downloading this PV. *bows*

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What rotation is this? O__o   
05:34pm 27/09/2005
mood: I can dance!

Ladie's and Gents...we have COMMUNICATION

So like, what's up people?! Tis Akira here with a brand-new update and all that, yup, BRAND-NEW. So there's this song by Super Butter Dog called Gojuu-on (which means Hiragana alphabet) and I played it for my sensei today (she's awesome) and she wanted me to send it to her. XDDDD Sorry I find it awesome...JRock turned into an "educational experiance." Sensei also said that for my Presentation I could teach the class Psycho le Cemu Para Para...XD I love having a sensei that loves what I love XD

ANYWAYS!!! Onto this weeks rotation...this week we got's two requests made by "Kairi". I think I'll put up like...3 more songs and the rest being PV's cause they're just so much fun to watch...m'yes. That and I'm trying to impress people >XD ANYWAYS!!! Onto teh rotation, man...Don't forget to visit Red Rain Falls Softly to take a look at my list for you guys to request! ^^

Pierrot - Clown's Mutter {Requested by: Kairi} 

Wow is this song hardcore in the beginning…no warning or anything just *WHAM!!!!!!* Kirito seems rather ticked off in this song…like…more than he usually is, his screaming and voice just seems to be mocking everything. Maybe Kirito doesn’t like Clowns?...Yeah…that’s it, Kirito is afraid of clowns…XD Actually…this song is pretty sad, I think Kirito is supposed to be the “clown” in this song talking about how he’s tired of everyone laughing at him and tired of his life as a “laughing-stock”. >.> Their lyrics are always so depressing >.<


Pierrot - -Ten to ji- to -0 -1 – to {Requested by: Kairi}


The Bass in this song right in the beginning o.o it just kinda sets the mood for the song. Yus…they got this little Mexican sounding guitar and I like it…it just kind of floats around Kirito’s voice…it’s awesome…This song…is also really sad…it’s like a war between Heaven and Earth…thus the title “Heaven and Earth – 0 to 1” Looks like Earth is winning so far. >.> Kirito makes it seem like he’s fighting against God and he can’t be with the one he loves but can’t tell her why…yeah…it’s a good mellow song with a powerful feeling…I’d recommend it. ^^


Super Junky Monkey – The Words


Ah the guitar in this song!!! >.< Beautiful mix with the Bass! Yus…with a name like “Super Junky Monkey” how can one go wrong? It starts off all hard-core and then suddently…it’s like…rap…XDDDD with this female singer all trying to sound tough and it’s just a giggle-fest…yus. XD I think the whole band is female >.> However, this song is really good; I’ll give it that, had me head banging a bit. ^__^ “Taste the animals” XDDDDDD


12012 – Sheeps


 Ah, who doesn’t know 12012? They’re like…D’espairsRay…but not! XD Yus >.> They be pretty hard-core and I really like the beat behind this song…makes me want to let go and head bang all over my house. The chorus is pretty fun, it’s more symbolic than anything else…not one of their BEST songs but it’s still VERY good and I love the vocals, kinda like Kyo back in the day at this one part >.>  <333 to 12012


Joousama - Joousama Monogatari


XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OMFG that’s all I can say about this song XDDDDDD It’s a montage of a whole bunch of Queen songs! Like, like, like Bohemian Rhapsody, Bicycle, We Are the Champions, We Will Rock You, Flash, etc. BUT IN JAPANESE!!!!!! SO IT’S BETTER!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OMFG if you don’t download this song I’ll have to eat your soul XDDDD OMFG it’s just too funny…download it!!! XDDDDD WHY CHICKENS?!?!?! XDDDDD




[clip] Miyavi – Comment 14-09-05


XDDDDDDDDDD Why? WHY?! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO ADORABLE?! XDDDD I laughed so much in this clip…Miyavi wishes to tell people about his new single…but he also like: doing flips on his couch, whispering to himself, forcing people to clap with him and then sporadically running over to the piano to play a few notes before doing it all over again. XDDD Yus…just a cute little clip I wanted to put up…cause it’s cute…XD


ZI.KILL – Bad Man


o.o …….. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OMFG this is…just so funny…like…nothing funny really happens in it…I just find it so…XDDD Like, this band is on the top of a Double-Decker Bus in London being their JRock-y selves and I can only imagine what the poor British below them are thinking XDDDDD “Ho, shit, Leonard, by jove what is that?”
”Didn’t you hear, Leopold? The Japanese are taking over the world, my good chap…”

“Oh I see, old boy…are we doomed then?”

“I see no reason why not”


XDDDDDD Yeah…anyways it’s fun watching them flop around…and the song is pretty good too! ^^


T.M.Revolution – Meteor


I was telling myself that I shouldn’t put up another T.M.R. PV so soon after having one up on my last rotation…but damn is this PV trippy O___O I was like “what the heck is going on? Is my PV skipping? O___O OMG!!!” So yeah…I seriously recommend you download this…and when you do, if you think your PV is skipping, and you’ve seen this scene before…you have…you’re supposed to. Yeah…anyways download for a good song and a really trippy/unsettling PV…


Yeah so that's it for this week my little lambs...remember to leave a comment for your JRock Dealer and remember you can request anything you like!!! See you next week...

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11:35pm 20/09/2005
mood: working

And now...rub your buns together for something completely different!!

What up, y’all?! Akira here with an interesting little update! I’ve decided that I want to put up a few new PV’s and such that some of you may, or may not, have seen before. There is, of course, one request and I’ll be filling that request it’s an old PV…so don’t think that’s what I’ma talkin’ ‘bout. H’okay everyone…I’ll update here and then I can get to bed @__@ Akira ish tired…see you all soon! ^^


Malice Mizer – Illuminati {Requested}

As Lau-chan says “If I had a dollar for every time I saw boobs in this PV…….I’d have a lot of dollars!” Yes my friends, it is true. This PV is boobalicious…JOOBILIES!! They’re everywhere…but whatev…if they don’t burn your eyes then the epileptic seizure wannabe’s will get you!!! Yeah…the basic plot behind this PV is realizing how basic human desires can kill you…kinda like…the Seven Sins I guess? Anyways they strap Gackt to an electric chair and make him have jumpy seizures while he’s in a virtual reality…XD that’s all you need, right? XD Yeah…enjoy…XD


T.M.Revolution – VESTIGE

zOMG o__o this PV is just so…so pretty! And like…….awesome to the maxzors!!! Like…in the beginning…Takanori-sama is dead T__T Some girl who I’m guessing was his lover in life cries over his body. She begins to wonder the streets…full of sadness and despair, she can no longer live without the love of her life…not knowing that his spirit is following her, always with her; she tosses herself off of a building. Takanori spreads his beautiful wings and catches her to spare her life; but by doing so he’s denying his entrance into heaven by interfering with the world of men. This little angel boy tries to stop Takanori from risking the very existence of his soul for her but Takanori refuses to listen. Takanori spends just a few more days with his lover…before finally his soul dies and there’s nothing left of him to give. T___T OMG it’s so beautiful and sad!!! It’s awesome ^^ I love it…



XDDDDDDDDDDDD ELLEGARDEN always makes me laugh XDDD Their lyrics are all nonsense even if it sounds like they can speak English. They’ve got the accent down, but they have no idea what they’re saying. XDD This PV…is just…omg it’s just too funny. Even if it’s only them…standing in a garage…but it’s a garage with GALE FORCE WINDS THAT FLING OBJECTS AT THEM!! I think my favorite part is when the drummer gets hit in the face with a porno magazine and he’s about to throw it behind him like the other stuff until he realizes what it is. XDDDDD


The Pillows – Ride on Shooting Star

Ah yes…the eternal The Pillows…not JRock…but hell, I like ‘em. XD Especially this PV…it’s like “WTF?” I’m sure most of you at least know this song as “the ending to FLCL” a.k.a. “Fooli Cooli” or whatever you guys are pronouncing it as these days. I’m sure some of you label this as “FLCL – Ride on Shooting Star”…well…you guys are retarded. Anyways, The Pillows are a band that have miraculously escaped Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection…meaning they’re still here…but I love ‘em, XDDDD they’re too funny not to love!! What’s with the glasses? O___o


Sugizo – Super Love

Alright, I freaking lied…these aren’t all “new” so throw a rock >> Sheesh…anyways! I’ve actually noticed not a lot of people know about Sugizo…most people are just dumb fucks that only download things that have “Malice Mizer”, “Gackt”, "Dir en grey", or “L’Arc~en~C’iel” plastered all over the front…here’s some news JRock n00bs…they’re not the only bands out there, and they're not the best ones got it? Sugizo is a funny little fuck…you guys should check him out (no not everyone is a moron, I’m good friends with a lot of people here on LJ that know A LOT about JRock…but those people that know a lot about JRock know exactly who I’m talking about…and I enjoy all of the above bands mentioned) Anyways…this PV is like…psycadelic, yo…it’s all like…70’s style. The PV itself has 70’s properties but it’s still got that wonderful ring of JRock…with a dash on insanity…yes…yesssssss mwuhahahahahahahahaha!!! >>’ you should check it out for yurself! ^^ Actually this PV is pretty funny…random fat guys with pink hair…striking “Stayin’ Alive” poses and weird LSD induced madness…but the little Mexican hat…what is up with the little Mexican hat?’s the true spirit of the 70’s ^^ even though it was made, like…within the past 5 years…XD


That's it for this rotation everyone!!! Don't forget to visit RRFS to request any PV's, Clips, or MP3's!!!!

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Whoa Nelly!!   
11:46pm 13/09/2005
mood: yawn like mad!!

"We're on a Mission from God" o___o a little after midnight...sue me...anyways...Hi all!!! Akira here with another rotation for the masses!! That's right! Guess what? I even made little icons for the mp3's too! ^___^ They're so pretty...they so cuute! >> If you know what song I'm mocking then you rock...So anyways, Akira is proud to present 8 mp3's, 1 PV, and 1 TV clipy clip!'s the whole show, but yeah, whatever. That sucker was like...200 MB I had to compress it to like...55 MB. my internet went dead for awhile...and Akira was in a crisis!!!!!! I haven't even been able to update PAY_day (an mp3 rotation site I run with my Wifie, Tama-chan (you can find a link to it at my page Red Rain Falls Softly go here to request anything from me, too)) So yeah, all is well now and I'm up and running!! Hope you all enjoy this weeks rotation!! ^___^

1. Baiser – 4 Seasons

Not a lot of people know about Baiser…or so I’m told. They’re a really good band though a friend of mine and I wish to kill the drummer. He’s so freaking retarded…and not in a good way like Miyavi…he’s just freaking dumb! Anyways, this song is really, really, good. The tune is so catchy…and I MEAN catchy like it’ll get stuck in your head while you sleep and play in your dreams. The vocals are really nice in this one and the Bass sticks out very well. ^___^


2. The Seeker – Fortress

As you all may know by now, I love The Seeker. They’re just a real energetic and fun band. This song is all poppy and energetic and you gotta bob your head to it and dance around. I love how they mix really soft tones of singing with such an energetic bit…it’s awesome. ^__^ Fun, fun!!


3. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Blackout

I think this is one of their newer songs O__o Yeah, so anyways, it’s a really good song; very sad though. It’s kind of got a real slow tempo and a mellow beat, very solemn which is really odd for an Asian Kung-Fu Generation song. Oh, don’t worry about the Vocals, though, those are still the same! ^__^ duh? Over all, though I have a horrible description it’s a really nice song that you can sway to and it has a good message. ^__^


4. baroque – Gakidou

YAY!!!! Akira’s first baro song!!!!! YAY!!!! XDDDD This song is just way too much fun. The first time I heard it it reminded me of someone running down a busy street really fast and you can see those little yellow lines go by like “whoosh!!”



Yeah ok, so I’m weird, deal with it. Anyways, this song is just so much fun, vocals are amazing, instruments are great and happy fun stuff!!! You’ll love this song, I guarantee it! ^__^


5. Se7en – Passion

OMG who doesn’t love this song?! It’s awesome! Yeah…it’s Korean…deal with it it’s as awesome as any JRock song and you can actually hip-hop dance to it. That’s what Korean’s do you know, dance like crazy!!! (See “Akira’s Guide to Korean Music” in my past rotation. XD) Anyways, this song is just full of so much energy and bouncy bouncy fun, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! (BTW, Se7en is like the “Gackt” of Korea, EVERYONE knows Se7en. ^__^)


6. Fake? – Just Like Billy

I can’t remember if this was my first Fake? song or what but it’s really good in any case. I <3 the PV for it, too, so wacky…just really odd. XDDD Yeah, so the song is all in English, as Fake? songs are apt to be but I really, really enjoy it. Full of energy, makes you wanna bounce your head and rock out n’ stuff. Not bad for a happa ^__^


7. Gackt – white eyes

Gackt comes out with music every other day, this we all know about Gackt. However, every now and then he comes out with one of those songs that’s just amazing. o____o this is one of those songs, starting out fast, sung slow, then picking up the speed again so that you can hardly stand it!!

You know I so just made a sexual innuendo? *smacks self* bad Akira! Anyways >> this song I really recommend if you’re kinda pissed and you wanna go break stuff…or you just wanna blow off some steam and rock out. ^____^ Listen!


8. HOME MADE kazoku – Shounen Heart

Ah! Orange Range wannabe’s at their best!! There are a lot of bands in Japan that try to pull of that “rap” sound. Only Orange Range was able to do it…and make it sound…you know…GOOD. However there is a bright new star on the horizon!! HOME MADE kazoku is a band that really sounds like Orange Range but they’ve got their own style. If any of you have ever watched Bleach (the anime) then you most likely know HOME MADE kazoku. They sang the 2nd ending theme “Arigatou!” Anyways, I’m sure if you like Orange Range you’ll really like HOME MADE kazoku ^__^ give them a try! ^__^





The Seeker – Heavenly Blue {requested}

This song is so much fun o___o the way the Vocals are make me want to laugh in some parts but still!!! Good song, I almost put it up for this weeks rotation and I remembered “oh yeah…the PV is up this week!” XD Anyways…this PV is like…sparkely to the MAX, man o__o I mean SPARKLES ON EVERY INCH OF HIS BODY kinda thing. Yeah…You’ll love this PV…if you don’t have an epileptic seizure first XDDD


Pop File – Malice Mizer – a look into their homes! {requested}

Pretty much like the title suggests it’s a show called “Pop File” and they are interviewing Malice Mizer (with Gackt) and what’s REALLY funny is that Mana doesn’t say a word throughout this…he just holds up signs that say “Yes” or “No” XDDDD Anyways, it’s a fun little peak into the homes of the boys that ya love. ^__^ Enjoy! Oh yeah…one more thing…if you don’t understand Japanese you most likely won’t enjoy this too much unless ya just like watchin’ Malice Mizer talk…cause there’s no subtitles. M’yeah, ok enjoy! ^__^


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06:54pm 13/09/2005
mood: freaking tired man
I swear to the Gods I'm updating today...I swear! Internet just went down again and I gotta fix it but it will be up from sometime between now and midnight I swear!! XDDDDD BBS!!!

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Holy mother of Yoshiki!   
10:19pm 30/08/2005
mood: cheerful

Check it out it's another rotation!!!


Holy cheese, people! Guess what's going on, huh, guesswhat'sgoingon?!?!?! IT'S A NEW ROTATION!!! AFTER A WHOLE FLIPPING MONTH!!!! That's right...Akira is back and she brings with her some awesome, awesome PV goodness that is...EIGHT PV'S mmm-hmm, yes that's 8 PV's. Plus a special bonus! It will only last for a week but starting right now you can make a request for any 5 songs on my playlist and I will upload them automatically. Meaning there's no wait! I'll upload them right here and now! That's right for one week only!! From now until September 6th! So have fun little duckies, and enjoy teh PV goodness!! Don't forget to visit Red Rain Falls Softly to look at my list of stuff!!!


To the person who requested “Gazette - Red Motel” I’m very sorry. It seems that the one I have is not the PV but a live of some sort. I’m REALLY sorry about the mix-up.


The Seeker – Gather Roses


OMFG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!! Some of you may know The Seeker from the anime “Gravitation” they’re the ones that sang “Sleepless Beauty.” Anyways, holy fucking mother of Yoshiki this song is awesome. I’ve listened to it over 457 times and I STILL love it!!! This PV isn’t anything REALLY special…it’s just got this FEEL to it that makes it even more awesome. The singer…omfg he’s GORGEOUS. The vocalist of The Seeker is the only man in history that has been able to fool me into thinking he was a woman for two seconds before I said to myself “whoa…wait a sec…” Yes, he’s that pretty…in fact, that’s him in the screen-cap. Enjoy XDD


Music Quiz – Music Mix-Up featuring Gackt, Janne Da Arc, Day After Tomorrow (Hey!x3)


For those of you that don’t know the show “Hey! Hey! Hey!” you don’t know squat about music in Japan. Hey!x3, as it is affectionately called, is a show based on what’s going on in the music world of Japan. There are interviews, of course, but then there are random games that the singers/bands must take part in. This is one of those games called “Music Mix-Up” in which 4 tracks are mixed together and the guests must figure out which 4 songs are being played. There are several funny things in this clip, such as Gackt’s question “Who the Hell listens to this kind of music?” and one of the host’s replies “Gackt-kun, these are some of the most famous songs on the charts” to which Gackt replies, “…oh…” XDDDDD Yeah…if you’re wondering who that guy is with Gackt, he’s another host of Hey!x3. Why does he get an extra buddy while the man next to Gackt doesn’t? No one knows…


Bi – It’s Raining


Ok, yeah…so he’s Korean, who cares? This song is FUCKING HOT!!!! OMG it’s just so shmexey!!! Rain isn’t so bad looking either; I love his outfit in this PV. Lemme give you some rules about Korean bands that is known around the world.

1. All Korean males have the ability to rap in any kind of song genre. Whether it be Pop, Rock, or Classical. If it’s Korean, expect some rap.

2. If you are a Korean singer/band, you MUST have the amazing ability to dance. Not just regular dancing, but dances that make it look as though you and your comrades can FLY.

3. If you cannot do either of the above mentioned rules, please do not even attempt to make it in the world of Korean music. The End.

Yes, so, this PV contains lots and lots of dancing which I usually don’t care for but with Koreans I make an exception. Koreans just have this weird ability to dance, it’s amazing. I can’t take my eyes off them half the time x___x Yeah, so enjoy!!!!


B’z – Liar! Liar!


I freaking love this band and this song. So much energy! ^^ If you don’t like B’z only because they’re “old” you need to LEAVE right now, and I mean it. >.< B’z is freaking awesome, man. This PV looks like it was shot in New Orleans >> sorry if that’s spelled wrong or something, yeah. Anyways, there’s like…Voodoo burning stuff and…stuff in this PV can’t really make it out. XDDD However, this is a really good song and the PV is pretty good and so you guys need to download it cause…B’z is awesome! YEAH!!


Janne Da Arc - Kasumi Yuku Sora se ni Shite


Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that this is my absolute FAVORITE Janne Da Arc PV. XDDDDD It’s freaking hilarious!! There’s a story to this one!!! YAY!!! The sotry goes like this: Here we have Yasu walking to the bands van gettin’ ready to pile up and go holding some kind of suitcase when, uh-oh! A bunch of cops show up and block their path! So what does Yasu do? Does he PANIC?! NO!! He pulls out his handy-dandy rewind button. XDD So he goes back in time and puts the suitcase back in the men’s bathroom where he found it! Yasu lets go of the button and says “good job, self” and leaves for the van. One of his band members, however, thinks that this is an awfully nice looking suitcase, and he takes it to the van with him. Yasu goes “motherfucker wha?!” and then the cops show up. Yasu grabs his band mates and pushes the button. Now he tells them “don’t touch it” and leaves it in the bathroom. They go to the van like nothing’s happened. Some geek with glasses brings the suitcase out, and when cops show up, panics and throws it at Yasu who hits the rewind button again. This time the boys hide it in a box and RUN for their van, and they try to drive away really fast, narrowly missing a car and crashing into a service truck. Hitting this truck causes the boxes to shift and the suitcase falls on top of their car. They finally give up…the policemen hold them at gun point while the detective looks in the suitcase…what’s in the suitcase? Why, GAY MEN PLEASURE OBJECTS OF COURSE!!!!!! XDDDDDD They realize that they have the wrong men and go after some dude in black, but omfg I love this PV…….THE END!!!! XDDD


Kagrra, - Yume Izuru Chi {requested}


I forget who requested this but…HERE YOU GO!!!! *Freaking throws the PV at their spine* XDDDDDDDDD…..>> ok then…H’okay so this PV is about an epic battle between good spirits “kami” and bad spirits “oni” or also known as “demon/devil.” The PV is set-up like a Noh Stage and it’s pretty fitting seeing as how a lot of Noh Plays are based on old stories of Gods and Demons. Kagrra, dress up in both forms and play both parts. The whole PV is one giant Epileptic seizure so if you’re squeamish don’t watch it x__x. There are also these really creepy as hell Noh masks floating around, too. As for the song, it’s pretty good, not as great as some of their newest stuff but good. ^^ Enjoy!!


Pierrot – Agitator


I <3 this song…so much XDD It gives me so much energy; it’s such an adrenaline rush!! Yeah…so the beginning of this PV is just like…Yeah…so the beginning of this PV is just like…this kid…he’s watchin’ TV…there’s a lot of people on TV…the kid doesn’t like a lot of people…so he stands up and intends to do something about it…he happens upon a door…and behind this door…are a bunch of crazy people in a hall…and then a mysterious man walking down a hallway calmly…then crazies again…then a mysterious man…at the end of the hallway we soon figure out that this mysterious man is none other than our lovely, lovely little Kirito. Who is the last to the stage in the hall of crazies. Then they rock out and it’s pretty much like the Neogrotesque PV from there. Kirito has SUCH a presence o__o I swear he’s just got this aura that makes you want to shit yourself when he walks by…he’s awesome! XDD


Psycho le Cemu – Do The Wave!!


XDDDDD Ok, this really isn’t anything…it’s just them in a Limo and Yura-sama decides that it’s a great place to try “The Wave” and Lida ends up hitting his head on the roof of the Limo. XDDDD that’s it really…enjoy! XDD


That's it peeps!! I'll see you all in about a week!! Bai Bai!!!!

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freaking bull crap   
12:29pm 30/08/2005
mood: sleepy, man
Hey all, I'm really sorry about not updating for A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH but I've had WAY too many things happen; including being kicked out of my house and then being let back in O___o It's all been really confusing and I promise before the day is out I will give you all happiness in the form of PV's and mp3's!!!! WAI!!! I've got class today from 2 - 4:15 and a Japanese club meeting at 4:20 to about 5 or so. So don't expect an update in that time frame (all times are Pascific Standard Time)And yes, I know that I spelled that wrong.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed your summer and you'll all get a happy end of summer present by today!!! Sorry for the inconvienince I've caused all of you!!!!

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02:37pm 29/07/2005
mood: indifferent, man, just "eh"

Let's Just Say This Gets Updated Whenever I Want It To?


So yeah...been KIND of a busy week (not really) but that fat cat that I'm taking care of sure does need a lot of attention...he's such a big baby. My uncle took over the den, too, so no PS2 for Akira until he leaves...he reminds me of the fat cat! So anyways, from Kitty the Hut to this weeks rotation. I got a lot of requests this time around, makes me all happy and warm inside...of course that could just be the worms in my stomach eating my intestines. ANYWAYS, two PV's this time and 6 songs most of which are requests!! w00teh!! M'yeah...anyways onto the rotation and don't forget to go to Red Rain Falls Softly to request anything!!!

Pierrot – sleep or dead {requested}

Something about this song is just pretty awesome. The guitars are kind of haunting and it makes me want to sleep yet I’m afraid to because the guitars will bring horrors to my mind. You know? Ok, maybe not, but Pierrot is a freaking awesome band anyways whether you agree or not. Know why? Cause Akira said so cause Akira ish God of this rotation…yus!! Anyways, please enjoy this haunting melody.


Pierrot – Twelve {requested}

I like how this starts out. It’s pretty powerful from the get-go. There’s something about Pierrot that just works, they all fit so well together. The vocals, drums, guitar and Bass all work so well. They really are a very talented band. The melody is pretty good in this song, the drums (Takeo) really stick out and Kirito’s vocals are beautiful as always. A really recommended download. 


Pierrot – child {requested}

The beginning to this song is awesome o.o It’s like this kind of tune that would play if you were lost in a forest with fog everywhere without anywhere to turn. Then suddenly a voice comes out of the darkness and you have to start moving toward it because it’s calling to you and it gets really good from then on. Yeah, I’m a weirdo but download this song anyways…it helps pay for my insanity.


Orange Range – sha sha

The guitar in the beginning is awesome, man. There are saxophones, too!!! I can’t really describe this song, it’s kind of like a typical Orange Range song but I freaking love it. O__o How does one describe this? This guy has a really, really deep voice, it’s weird cause if you’ve ever seen him he doesn’t look like he’d have that kind of voice. Anyways, Orange Range is quite possibly the only rap I’ll ever listen to besides Korean rap. So, yeah…download it!!


Janne Da Arc - Kasumiyuku Sora Se ni Shite

I freaking love this song!!!!!!!! It was my first JDA song and my first PV, too. And I LOVE, FREAKING LOVE the PV!! I’m trying to figure out why the heck I haven’t uploaded it yet? Maybe I will next rotation? Anyways this song is the one that had me falling in love with JDA, it’s so upbeat and happy and the guitars and the vocals freaking rock. Yeah, teh download!!!


Dir en grey – INCREASE BLUE

Typical Dir en grey song, except there’s something different about the beginning. It throws you off and brings you back in at the same time. However, this song is so much fun! I freaking love Kyo’s vocals and have you ever wondered why Shinya’s arms aren’t all beefy after playing drums like this?! He’s so TINY!! Yeah, so anyways, this song is fun with all the drums, guitars and computerized goodness. So download it…now…




Janne Da Arc - Dolls (pv) {requested}

This is a really good song! I <3 it ^__^ It’s a really sweet yet sad love song and in the beginning of the PV all of the band members are lip-syncing to Yasu’s voice. The PV is just pretty much the band being their schmexy selves and singing about this girl in the PV who is walking on the beach and treading through the land of sea shells that disguised themselves as toe-nails. Yeah…so I really recommend that you download it. Oh, and my version kind of messes up but that might be my computer…if any one has any problems please let me know.


 Kalen - Dusty Mirror (pv) {requested}

I love this song o.o but the PV…is WAY too white really, really WHITE!! It blinds me!! The PV really doesn’t do them justice, I tell you! The PV is…well, a bit boring but the song is awesome and the band is awesome, too. They just shoot boring PV’s…that’s not too much of a crime, is it? ^__^ Anyways, I highly recommend this PV just because it’s an awesome song and an awesome band.


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I need someone to smack me...   
12:39am 19/07/2005
mood: cheerful

I need a personal planner...

Yes, this is Akira...late usual, like two weeks late! XD Anyways, Akira has had a lot going on in the past two weeks. I got to go to the "Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy" concert for free and it was AWESOME! I got to go to the Comic-con for free on Sunday and I really have to say that the Comic-con really sucked this just wasn't as fun and it was filled to the brim with overly crappy American crap. Yeah...anyways I'm MAJORLY happy (yes it's because of you, you silly fish) and I'm uploading 8 PV's yet again! Please visit Red Rain Falls Softly to request any songs/PV's/clips and don't be afraid to ask me on AIM or e-mail, ok? Now...onto the rotation!!!!! WAI!

Psycho le Cemu – Love is Dead

Probably the BEST PV known to man!!!! Actually…I have really NO idea why the heck I love this PV so much. The song is awesome (if you haven’t heard it you need to IM me and get it cause you’re sinning!!!!) and the Bass solo is orgasmic!! Yes, yes, we’ve all heard about Daishi and we know how much of a retard he is for ruining his life with drugs…but that doesn’t mean this song isn’t good!! Download the PV, it’s GREAT!!


Panic*Ch – Pink Cherry

Now to be completely honest with you, there is nothing going on in this PV, really. The song is great, the band is hot, and the PV is pretty much just clips of them being happy and cute. My friends and I LOVE this PV, why? Not too sure…it’s got parts to it that my friends and I LOVE to mimic (potty dance!!!) and the song is just fun. You must download!! ^^


Beat Crusaders – Hit in the U.S.A.

I love this band…they’re so weird. XDDD This PV especially…there’s this really ugly guy going around and hypnotizing people into liking him cause he’s that much of a loser. However, the mighty Beat Crusaders aren’t going to give into his “love me cause I’m a loser” power!!!! So what do they do?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? They ignore him of course! XD Download it, it’s great! XD


baroque – Uta

Now this I think was my second baroque song and first PV. I <3 baroque and it really is a shame that they disbanded; they were such a great band!!!!! T__T ANYWAYS! This PV is pretty much like the “Pink Cherry” PV by Panic*Ch, it’s just clips of them being all happy and weird and attacking a car!!!! Conveniently enough the song’s title “uta” means “song” in Japanese, omfg aren’t they original?! I really do love this PV though; it makes me smile even when I’m in one of my manic-depressive modes. So download it and get happy!!


iceman – Mr. D

XDDDDDD WTF is all I can say. The ONE PV that iceman actually makes a story out of and it makes no sense what-so-ever. Mr. D is a vampire, and he likes hording his women. Mr. D is Daisuke XDD The singer of this song is actually the guitarist and the vocalist for the band is running around in a Holy Bubble with a Cross and shows up at the end of the PV to vanquish Mr. D and then dance with him. >> Yeah, I <3 this PV XDDDD


Kagrra, - Urei

Besides “Amafurase Tanmaina” this has to be the most powerful song by Kagrra, ever! I really love this song; it’s just got so much energy despite being a slow song. It is a love song, but a really sad one and it makes my heart flutter every time. Those voices in the background, god they’re wonderful. The PV itself is just the band looking pretty…like most of their PV’s, but I love it anyway…and you must too!!!! Oh yeah, and those English words at the bottom of the screen that appear randomly and you can't quite see? They say "Suddenly...I feel loved, is...the sky is are still here..."


Kishidan – “Swinging Nippon

Ok, to start things off this song is NOT called “Swinging Nippon” (EDIT: it's called "Kekkon Tokon Koshinkyoku - Mabudachi", thank you) but that’s what it said when I got it. It is by Kishidan, however, and this band is so freaking awesome. XDDDD They’re all dressed up like 1950’s gang-bangers with the hair like people in the movie “Grease” and they dance!!! This PV is about some girls’ wedding and I swear this is going to be my wedding song if I ever get married. XD This PV is hilarious and you really need to download it! XD I'll try to find out the real name of this song as soon as I can...


mo’some tonebender – unhappy newage

This…PV…is…SO…hilarious I crack up every time I think about!!!! Rugby is a sport played mostly in the European nations, like Ireland and England. It is usually played with a football type ball called a “Rugby Ball” but this is Japan so they’re using a baby!!! XDD Yes that is right in this PV they are playing rugby with a baby! OMG I love this PV! XDDD You MUST download it is hilarious! There IS actually some serious symbolism in this PV...but...well let's see if you can find out what it is on your own XD


Well, that's all for right now my friends. On Friday I'm going to be in charge of taking care of a cat that needs a lot of I may or may not update on time but give me 1 or 2 days and I'll update, I promise!! See you all soon!!

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11:50am 27/06/2005
mood: tired

I'm starting to see a pattern...

Well, well, well, guess who's late again with the rotation? That's right, Akira is...I'm really sorry guys...things have been a little hectic around my's kind of hard to keep up, but I'm trying my best!! ^__^ Akira is going to upload mostly PV's this time around, again, to make up for my lateness. I'm also going to upload a song from Shulla since my last request was "upload something from Shulla." ANYWAYS...I think I'm going to upload a clip, too....hrmm...we'll see by the end of this rotation. ^^; Don't forget to visit my web-page Red Rain Falls Softly to find mp3/PV's you may want to request! ^^

Miyavi - Coo Cluck Quack ku ku ru (movie version)

This was a request, sorry I didn’t get to it sooner, but here it is!! Yeah, so I’m in love with this song, don’t know if I told anyone that (some where, my friends are groaning) I found not too many people like it for some reason, I enjoy it. This PV is pretty much taking clips from Miyavi’s movie, Oresama, and putting it to this song; which is at least a little more interesting than the original PV. Download and enjoy!!


Fairy Fore – Vivid 

Someone was on CRACK when they made this PV. What’s with the paper bird and the paper wolf going “garrrr” ? What does this PV have to do with the love song they are singing? Why are they following the paper bird, in paper form, through a really creepy forest to a door that leads to themselves in human form? I honestly don’t get this PV but I find it hilarious, the song is awesome and you must download it.


ShinHwa – Hey Come On! 

Ok so it’s a Korean band, so sue me!!!!!! I can’t help it if I like Korean music. I’ve found when dealing with Korean bands, there are two truths:

  1. Every Korean male is born with the ability to rap
  2. When in a boy band, Koreans are suddenly able to fly

Yup, this is true, one way or another Korean dance moves just fascinate me. Oh, the song is a lot of fun, I like the beat and the guy in the screen-cap? I <3 his hair!!!! ^^;


metronome – COMPUTER

Quite possibly the cutest person in the world, Sharaku, the lead singer. This was my first metronome song AND PV. I remember looking at the band and thinking “wow, they look hardcore” and then the song started and Sharaku started singing and I instantly fell in love, omg!! XDDD It’s so adorable. I find that I enjoy the PV version of the song rather than the mp3 version. I hate that computer voice going “computer” I like Sharaku better. Anyways, download the Sharaku cuteness!!!!!


Merry – Japenese Modernist

I love Merry and I completely <3 this PV. I think this has got to be pretty close to my favorite PV for this rotation, well, favorite "serious" PV ^^. It’s a bit unsettling, like it’s bordering creepy mostly because of the lyrics. However, I enjoy the visual effects and the meaning behind each shot. Not to mention the black angel wings kick some serious arse. Then suddenly…they’re in black bowler hats with a pink speaker phone…and it all just gets better. XD Anyways, download, I <3 this song despite its darkness. Did I mention that the black angel wings are hot?


Kiyoharu – Emily

Ok, I’m going to let you know right now that there is absolutely nothing special about this PV, all it is is Kiyoharu touching himself and playing the guitar. Which is almost like every other PV Kiyoharu is in. Although there is the head thing that reminds me of J-E-N-O-V-A from Final Fantasy VII. Kiyoharu’s vibrato is my favorite thing to make fun of XD I put this up because I really <3 this song, it’s awesome and the acoustic guitar makes me happeh. ^^ Also…notice that Kiyoharu is the only person who hasn’t sung a song about a girl named “Maria” ?


Inugami Circus-Dan - Sen'nou

You have to love this song, this PV, this band. You must!! The entire PV is pretty much insanity at it’s best, that’s what you get with female JRockers. There’s lots of coffee in this PV, they like coffee >> Yeah, the entire PV I have to say is just awesome and the song is fun to bob your head to, I love the part when the two guys are talking. One of which, REALLY likes sugar with his coffee^^


B’z – Hot Fashion

Ok, don’t you even come near me if you dislike B’z just because they’re “old.” I <3 B’z, and this song is awesome!! The PV takes place all over New York city and it’s entertaining to watch what happens to them. It’s kind of an old PV so the quality is a –little- lacking and it’s kinda corny, but the song is definitely worth it.


Shulla – Garakuta

Shulla was requested…but not the song, so I put this one up, hope you like it!! I enjoy Shulla…they’re a really unique and interesting band. I love the guitar that plays all the way through this song; it’s a fun little tune that I want to bop around to. Shulla’s one of those bands that’s not really hard-core, but isn’t soft-core either. They’re somewhere in the middle and not many bands can pull that off. They do, which is why I like them so much. ^^


I'm sorry again for the dely in the updates...and please enjoy the pv's!!! See you all next week! (hopefully!)

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01:46pm 26/06/2005
mood: chipper

Survey thing I stole from Lo-kun cause I can...Collapse )

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Cause I was bored   
01:22pm 24/06/2005
mood: kinda happy ^^

really random crap stolen from valCollapse )

some sillyness   
05:06pm 17/06/2005

random quizzes ^__^Collapse )

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11th Rotation, finally...   
01:29am 14/06/2005
mood: so freaking tired

Never Upload at Night...

Yes, Akira has learned that this is a big "no-no" in the world of JRock uploading. It took my 4 hours to upload all of these PV's, I hope I didn't keep a lot of you waiting. That would suck muchly. Anyways, seeing as how it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm freaking tired I'm going to update now and you guys can have luff luff with your JRock PV's, mm'kay? Don't forget to visit Red Rain Falls Softly to find mp3/PV's to request, I'll be updating my lists soon. Enjoy!!

 Janne da Arc - Freedom {Requested by: marilynmoon}

Ok, Let me just say a few things about this PV. It is official, Janne da Arc is on CRACK. What was with this PV? XDDDDD The group members dressed in drag, playing around with toxic waste barrels and rabid close-ups of much Yasu crotch-ness. Yes, that is what this entire PV consists of, entirely. I immediately fell in love with it XDDD Oh, and the song's good, too. XD

 Psycho le Cemu - Roman Hikou

Did anyone hear about the lead singer, Daishi? He gave into a drug test and he came out possitive for Meth o.o!!!! OMGWTFDIE!!! No, but I don't think he actually took any, you see, Daishi takes medicine to help him loose weight, and when shown in a drug test can appear as Methanphedamine. However, if Daishi WAS taking Meth, that would TOTALLY explain this PV XDDDD Yes, it's that odd, very, very odd. BUT AWESOME!!! XDDDDD

 Gackt - Metamorphoze
Don't even start asking me why I love this PV so much. It's retarded, Gackt tries to head-bang in a Gundam, and it's way overly dramatic. I love it to peices XDDDD Apparently this song is the theme for one of them Gundam series, forget which, but in any case this song absolutely rocks! I beleive that Tama-chan and I have listened to this song more than 4 times today, yes, it's that good and you must enjoy it immensally or I'll come after you. XDDD

 SUGIZO - No More Machineguns Play The Guitar

Now, there is nothing really special about this PV, in fact, you can't really see anything at all, it's really, really fast. However, the song kicks arse, majorly. From what I've heard this isn't a typical SUGIZO song, he's usually a bit more upbeat, this song is really hardcore. Gee, what could the message behind it be, I wonder? No idea...maybe you need to download to find out? Yes...that's it.

 Plastic Tree - Baka ni Natta Noni

Damn you, Tama-chan, for making me love this band. Ryuutaro is just too cute not to love. He love PANDA'S!!!! Anyways, this PV is again, the result of a bunch of really bored JRockers on crack. What's with the paperbags on their heads? Why did they let Ryuutaro drive? Why did they bust into this old, fat woman's house to play a mini-concert and why is she dropping on top of them from a helicopter? All these questions can be answered, you must download to find them. ^^

 hide- Pink Spider

hide-sama's very last song before he died and guess what? It totally rocks, mmhmm, Akira wanted to learn guitar just because of this song. The intro is awesome, the energy behind it is just amazing, and I seriously would listen to it ont repeat for hours on end when I first heard it. The PV is...interesting...what with naked spider ladies and butterflies and hide-sama's mouth covered in blood and all that. Yeah, if you love hide-sama you'll download this PV!!!

 metronome - Mittsu Kazoero

Sharaku's eyebrows SOOOOOOO pwn yours!!!! Oh!! PWN'D!!! S'right...anyways, I love this song!!! It's so addicting, it's crazy it's like crack! Ok, it's not my favorite song but it's pretty high up there. The PV isn't very much, but for some reason that's what makes it awesome. I love the spaz attacks these guys go through, and Sharaku loves "playing" the microphone. Anyways, at the end of this PV look for Sharaku's raptor face! He makes a raptor face!!! Yus! Download to see it!!!

 Pierrot - Mad Sky ~Koutesu no Messiah~

Quite possibly the best band there ever was. I <3 Kirito and the entire band, they really are people that I look up to and are kind of like a role-model for me. This song has got to be one of the most awesome songs ever. I love it to death, and although the PV is just a bunch of flashy lights and blood and random insane assylum shtuff, it really is quite amazing. I don't know what it is about it exactly that I enjoy so much about it, maybe the insanity? No idea...and what's with those ants? Did Jun suddenly spot them and say "hey let's film those ants! that'll be so cool!!!!! like crazy like whoa!!" yeah >> just like that. XDDD Anyways, download, it's awesome.

Well kiddies, that's it for this week, I'm sorry for being gone so long and I promise I'll be better at fulfilling requests!!!! I swear! Yus! The Red Rain Falls Softly page isn't going to be updated tonight (<---tired like crazy) but it will be soon, with a new list of mp3's and PV's, I promise. Again, I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy this weeks rotation.

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